Shoot, Move, Communicate in Army Tactical Experience


FORT HAMILTON, N.Y. – The U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion New York City is inviting local media to participate in a fun and challenging day of tactical Army experiences at Fort Totten, Queens, on Oct. 27, 2012, at 8:30 a.m.

Media are invited to learn to shoot, move, and communicate alongside more than 200 U.S. Army Future Soldiers in realistic, tactical Army training taught by combat-experienced Soldiers.  By focusing on the basics of Soldiering, these Future Soldiers will have an easier time adapting to themental and physical challenges of U.S. Army Basic Combat Training.

Additionally, the day’s events will help to foster military camaraderie and build esprit de corps among Future Soldiers awaiting their departure to Basic Combat Training this fall or winter.  

Shoot:  Weapons familiarization at the Engagement Skills Trainer will give media and Future Soldiers the opportunity to learn the effective and safe use of Army weaponry.  Weapons systems selected for use at the EST include the M4 Carbine, M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, M240B Machine Gun and the M2 Machine Gun (Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun).


Move 1:  At the Humvee Demonstration Course, experienced Army drivers will transport Future Soldiers and media in a tactical Army vehicle while executing a serpentine, a tight corner maneuver, and a straight-away halt, giving passengers a realistic feeling of tactically moving in a Humvee.  


Move 2:  Future Soldiers and media will learn three movement techniques at the Individual Movement Techniques station:  performing bounding overwatch, establishing a 360-degree perimeter, and executing four-man stacks in an urban environment, all of which teach a Soldier how to move tactically in a team environment.


Communicate:  At the Perform Voice Communications Station, Future Soldiers and media will learn to perform tactical radio communications by sending a SALUTE report through the tactical radio net.  Each communicator will enter the radio net, send a message, and leave the radio net using proper call signs, call sign sequences, numerals, passwords, and the phonetic alphabet.



Endurance Challenges:  Under the weight of full combat gear, Future Soldiers and media will perform a casualty extraction, fireman’s carry, and pull ups before negotiating a rock wall during the Dismounted Future Soldier Endurance Course.  


Social Media and Photo Opportunities:  To sustain enthusiasm for their commitment to serve, Future Soldiers (and media) will be able to Facebook and Tweet directly from the cockpit of two Apache helicopters, two All-Surface Vehicles and two up-armored Humvees, all of which will be on display throughout the day.  Respective aviation and ground vehicle personnel will be on hand to give tours and answer questions about their equipment and their Army experiences.

Army Community/Lifestyle Tour:  Finally, parents and media are also welcome to hop aboard an Army-chartered bus for a two-hour tour of Fort Hamilton.

The decision to join the Army is one of the most important decisions America’s sons and daughters can make, so parents should know about the benefits to which their children are entitled as a member of the Army Family.  Tour visits include:  the Fort Hamilton Fitness Center, the Post Exchange, the Commissary, and military housing.  


The day’s activities will close with awards and promotions of U.S. Army Future Soldiers.  Future Soldier recognition among peers and parents is motivating for U.S. Army Future Soldiers and helps sustain their commitment to their nation.


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