EVENT: Help photographers Debbie Egan-Chin and Kevin Coughlin

Join photo friends to help photographers, Debbie Egan-Chin and Kevin Coughlin from the Daily News lost EVERYTHING in Sandy. Now we have to come help them. Join us at 10am sharp on Friday, November 9th at 60 Utica Walk in Breezy Point, Queens.

Hopefully we will be able to get to Kevin’s house afterwards.

Wear: Waterproof boots, gloves and old clothes, eye protection and respirators.

Bring: Pry bars, sledge hammers, regular hammers, shovels, battery powered tools like sawzalls, drills, etc.

We need contractor style plastic bags, buckets, rakes, mops, bleach, spray bottles, plastic 30-40 gallon storage containers (Target is great source), first aid kit.

Most importantly we need bodies. Can you schlep, throw, drag, carry and move yucky stuff. The water line is about five feet up in her house. I want to get down to the studs before we leave Friday. Ambitious, YES. Can we do it? OF COURSE!

RSVP to photographers@DavidHandschuh.com and let us know if you are coming, if you need a ride or can bring someone with you, and what you are bringing.


See this event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/114303332062430/

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