Ezio Petersen, of UPI and a NYPPA member has passed away

Ezio PetersenUPI photographer NYPPA member and radio talk show host passed away on Monday Jan. 25, 2016 in the morning. Condolences to a great guy with a great smile and always great to work with

A nice man with a great laugh and smile who loved Broadway and music just a little more than his photo job in New York. Ezio was a photographer and a lover of musical theater and was even a host of his own radio show. Ezio had become a staffer at the NY Post, but before the 90’s ended, he returned to UPI. Ezio, was the shining light each day, and we will miss your humor & gentle voice. Rest In Peace fellow friend and comrade. He was a amazing human being, and left each situation making everyone feeling special.

A memorial service is being planned soon and the NYPPA will pass it along when we know the time and date.

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