Welcome to a new and improved NYPPA.org

Welcome to the new and improved NYPPA.org site. This is not only a facelift, but a complete overhaul of the back end. Here is a list of the new features:

Photo galleries – First and foremost, photos and galleries are now native to the system. We have moved away from the third party gallery called SlideshowPro. That company has shuttered its doors after being in business for close to two decades. The Pictures of the Year galleries from the past will continue to use SlideshowPro. There is no time frame yet on when those will be moved over to the native gallery.

Devices – This website was carefully created to display a certain way when viewed on desktop, mobile and tablet. The site looks and loads beautifully on all three types of devices. In addition, sponsorship structure was maintained throughout all displays: with our Platinum Sponsors on top, Gold in the middle and our Regular Sponsors below. Image load and gallery load were also taken into account with their load times minimized.

Events – There will be a new Events page built into the site. This will activate the calendar functionality and will hopefully help spread the word around to different NYPPA functions, photography events and member-related gatherings.

Where is the Login Page? – Individual logins were a major source of frustration with the old site. Many folks needed their passwords rebooted. Going forward, individual logins for the new site have been removed and there will only be a group login. This group login will be changed yearly and will be shared in email blasts to the members. Alternately, members can still reach out to me individually to receive the password via the webmaster@nyppa.org email. This change will also help relieve a behind-the-scenes data load.

It will take some time to rebuild, reactivate or edit a few other features. This is a work in progress.

Any questions, concerns or comments, please reach out to me. Thank you.

 – Bumper DeJesus, Managing Producer for Multimedia for NJ Advance Media

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