This is a Live blog of 77th NYPPA “Year in Pictures” contest judging. We are going to post the winning images in no particular order and we will announce the winning images and THEIR order at the dinner is scheduled for June 3rd, 2012 at Gravy in Manhattan.

The Winning entries of the MULTIMEDIA Contest are posted below


Spot News-Sponsored by Daily News

The award winning images in the Spot News category  in no particular order:

Julio Cortez-AP “DSK ARREST”

Todd Maisel-Daily News “Hands Raised High”

Aristide Economopoulos-Star-Ledger “Photographing Crime Scene”

Aristide Economopoulos-Star-Ledger “Relative Dragged”

Norman Y. Lono-Contract Photographer-For the Daily News “Whyyy???”

Peter J. Smith-The Wall Street Journal  “Up in Smoke”

James Messerschmidt-New York Post “Untitled” 

Joe Marino- Freelance Daily News  “Bloody Thanksgiving”

Saed Hindash-Star-Ledger  “Indoor Parking”

Debbie Egan-Chin-Daily News “Bewildered”

General News-Sponsored by AP

The award winning images in the General News category  in no particular order:

Jefferson Siegel- Freelance-Daily News “Kenneth Minor Murder Sentencing”

Michael Appleton-Freelance “Osama Bin-Laden is Dead”

Richard Drew-AP “It takes a worried Man”

Todd Maisel-Daily News “Which way should he go”

Aristide Economopoulos-Star-Ledger “A Community Mourns”

David Handschuh-Daily News “Gay Marriage”

Thomas A. Ferrara-Newsday “Waterfront Property”

Justin Lane-European Pressphoto Agency- “A Fathers Grief”

James Keivom-Daily News “Wake for Choking Victim”

Debbie Egan-Chin-Daily News “Cop Shot”

Editorial IllustrationSponsored by Imagenomic

The award winning images in the Editorial Illustration category in no particular order:

Allan Tannenbaum-Polaris Images “Red Mermaid”

Chad Rachman-NY Post “WTC Footprint”

Allan Tannenbaum-Polaris Images “Mermaid Parade Red Hot Rod”

Allan Tannenbaum-Polaris Images “9/11 Memorial and WTC 1 Under Construction”

Pat Carroll-Daily News “Jewel in The Crown”

Charles Wenzelberg-New York Post ‘Mo’s Motion”

Allan Tannenbaum-Polaris Images “WTC 2 Construction Workers”

Occupy Wall Street –Sponsored by PhotoShelter 

The award winning images in the Occupy Wall Street category in no particular order:

Mario Tama-Getty Images “Untitled”

Andrew Burton-Freelance “Untitled”

Craig Ruttle-Freelance “Hail to the Chief”

David Goldman-AP “Occupy Tree”

Rob Bennett-Independent-Wall Street Journal “Untittled”

Bryan Smith- Freelance-Daily News “Arrest of Activist Brandon Watts”

Mike Segar-Reuters “Occupy Arrest”

John Minchillo-Freelance “The Scrum”

Andrew Burton-Freelance “Untitled”

Rob Bennett-Independent Wall Street Journal “Untitled”

Animal-Sponsored by WorldWide Media Group

The award winning images in the Animal category in no particular order:

Robert Bennett-Independent-Wall Street Journal “Untitled” 

Robert Bennett-Independent-Wall Street Journal “Untitled” 

Robert Sabo-Daily News “WESTMINSTER”

Justin Lane-EuropeanPressPhoto Agency “Dog Show”

Andrew Burton-Freelance “Untitled”

David Goldman-Ap “Preacher”

Craig Ruttle- Freelance “Urban Legend”

Todd Maisel-Daily News “Stuffed Hot Dog”

Robert Bennett-Independent-Wall Street Journal “Untitled” 

Robert Bennett-Independent-Wall Street Journal “Untitled” 

International/National News-Sponsored by EPA

The award winning images in the International/National category in no particular order:

Hiroko Masuike-Freelance-NY Times “A Ship on the Roof”

Michael Appleton-Freelance “Untitled”

Andrew Burton-Freelance “Untitled”

Justin Lane-EuropeanPressPhoto Agency “Tornado Damaged Church”

Mario Tama-Getty Images “Home”

Andrew Burton-Freelance “Untitled”

Stan Honda-Agence France-Presse “Final Landing”

David Goldman-AP “Rotorwash”

Andrew Burton-Freelance “Untitled”

Mario Tama-Getty Images “Deserted Desert”

Face of New York-Sponsored by ThinkTank Photo

The award winning images in the Face of New York category in no particular order:

Philip Montgomery -Freelance “Summer Cool Off South 2nd”

Jeanne Noonan-Freelance-Daily News “Labor Union United”

Shannon Stapleton-Reuters “Heat Wave”

Mario Tama- Getty Images “Gay Marriage Finally”

Mario Tama-Getty Images “NYC Prepares for 10th Anniversary of September Attacks”

Todd Maisel-Daily News “Yo Mama Can’t Leave”

Bruce Cotler-Freelance “Patriotic”

David Handschuh-Daily News “Rabbis”

Mike Segar-Reuters “I Love a Parade”

Anthony Delmundo-Freelance-Daily News “Neighborhood Spectacle”

News Picture StorySponsored by Photo Shelter

The award winning images in the News Picture Story category in no particular order:

Aristide Economopoulos-Star-Ledger “A week in the killing cycle”

Todd Maisel-Daily News “Dog Day Afternoon”

Robert Bennett-Independent-Wall Street Journal “Hurricane Irene”

Mario Tama-Getty Images “Joplin Tornado”

Mario Tama-Getty Images “Final Convoy”

David Handschuh-Daily News “Same Sex Marriage”

Jefferson Siegel-Freelance-Daily News “Occupy Wall Street erupts onto World Stage”

Andrew Burton-Freelance “Untitled”

Tony Kurdzuk-Star-Ledger “Death of a Station”

Andrew Burton-Freelance “Untitled”

Feature-Sponsored by The Star-Ledger

The award winning images in the Feature category in no particular order:

Mike Segar-Reuters “Rider in the Storm”

Kristen Luce-Freelance-NY Times “La Matadora”

Alejandra Villa-Newsday “A Mothers Love”

Jennifer Brown-Star-Ledger “Remembrance Room”

Susan Stava-Freelance-NY Times “Memorial Day” 

Aristide Economopoulos-Star-Ledger “Water to the Face”

David Goldman-AP “Drum Solo”

Jennifer Brown-Star-Ledger “Flight 93”

Saed Hindash-Star-Ledger “Never Forget”

Hiroko Masuike-Freelance NY Times “Off the Runway” 

Pictorial-Sponsored by Dane-Elec

The award winning images in the Pictorial category in no particular order:

David Goldman-AP “Onion Farms”

Bryan Derballa-Wall Street Journal “Story Collider”

Mario Tama-Getty Images “Mississippi Rising”

Aristide Economopoulos-Star-Ledger “Heatwave Handstand”

Andrew Burton-Freelance “Untitled”

Debbie Egan-Chin-Daily News “Hurricane”

David Goldman-AP “Firing Mission”

Craig Ruttle-Freelance “Lines of Communication”

Uli Seit-NY Times “April Shower in NYC”

Robert Bennett-Independent Wall Street Journal “Untitle”

Portrait-Sponsored by Tiffen

The award winning images in the Portrait category in no particular order:

Anthony Delmundo-Freelance-Daily News “The Visual Artist”

Mario Tama-Getty Images “Tent City Children”

Aristide Economopoulos-Star-Ledger “99 and Still Painting”

Alejandra Villa-Newsday “Marisa”

Allison Joyce-Freelance “Chowkri”

Allison Joyce-Freelance “Crab Fishing”

Allison Joyce-Freelance “Muhammed”

Thomas A. Ferrara-Newsday The Musician”

Allison Joyce-Freelance “Freedom”

Chris Ware-Newsday “Mothers Loss a 9/11 Story”

Feature Picture Story- ADORAMA

The award winning images in the Feature Picture Story category in no particular order:

Aristide Economopoulos-Star-Ledger “9/11 Then and Now”

Debbie Egan-Chin-Daily News “Same Sex Marriage”

Alejandra Villa-Newsday “A little girls fight to live”

Bryan Derballa-Wall Street Journal “Half here:Life Along the Amazon River”

Robert Bennett-Independent-Wall Street Journal “Inge The Prize Poodle”

Robert Bennett-Independent-Wall Street Journal “Dressed to Sell”

Mario Tama-Getty Images “9-11 Ten Years On: The Regeneration of Ground Zero”

Hiroko Masuike-Freelance-NY Times “Remaining where he belongs”

Allison Joyce-Freelance “Sex Workers of Faridpur1”

Allison Joyce-Freelance “Life and Death in the Sundarbans 2”

Sports Action-Sponsored by Nikon

The award winning images in the Sports Action category in no particular order:

Bill Kostroun-Freelance “Raked”

Robert Sabo-Daily News “CRUNCH IS CALLING

Chris Faytok-Star-Ledger “Sandy”

Julio Cortez-AP “Defender Save”

Mario Tama-Getty Images “Calgary Stampede”

John Angelillo-UPI “Power Serve”

Charles Wenzelberg-NY Post “Hit Hard”

Tony Kurdzuk-Star-Ledger “Look out Below!”

Al Bello-Getty Images “Chasing His Shadow”

Bill Kostroun-Freelance “Nose to Nose”

Sports Feature Sponsored by Getty Images

The award winning images in the Sports Feature category in no particular order:

David Handschuh-Daily News “World Pond Hockey Championship”

David Goldman-AP “Flying Bat”

Chris Faytok-Star-Ledger “Champ”

Ray Stubblebine-Reuters “The Captain”

Saed Hindash-Star-Ledger “Pile on”

Robert Sabo-Daily News “HOME RUN BALL

Noah Murray-Star-Ledger “Greeting at Home”

Hiroko Masuike-Freelance-NY Tiomes “Winning the World Cup”

Ray Stubblebine-Reuters “Bat Basher”

Al Bello-Getty Images  “Knocked Out”

Sports Picture Story-Sponsored by Black Rapid

The award winning images in the Sports Picture Story category in no particular order:

Al Bello-Getty Images “Umpire Academy”

Aristide Economopoulos-Star-Ledger “Demolition Derby”

Aristide Economopoulos-Star-Ledger “Worlds Toughest Mudder”

David Goldman-AP “Spring Training Baseball”

Ray Stubblebine-Reuters “3000th Hit”

Robert Sabo-Daily News “GIRLS WRESTLING

Alejandra Villa-Newsday “Fan Love”

Mario Tama-Getty Images “Talladega Speedway”

Daniela Zalcman-Independent-Wall Street Journal “Hanoi Capitals 2”

Andrew Theodorakis-Daily News “UFC in New Jersey”

Multimedia-Short Form-Sponsored by Rode Microphones

The award winning multimedia in the Multimedia Short Form category:


The videos with the strongest and most emotional storytelling rose to the top. “Fear in the camps,” and “State of Reflection,” are exceptional videos that rose well above the group.
The category overall was filled with videos that were interview based. When interviews are shot on the scene, we’d like to see greater attention to the photographic composition.  We encourage photographers to use their documentary skills to tell the story and save the interviews for explaining what can’t be shown.
The quality of the audio and cinematography varied greatly in the category.
1st Place: Fear in the camps  by Nadav Neuhaus- http://vimeo.com/26599278
The judges awarded 1st place to “Fear in the Camps” because of strong storytelling – a journey through the traumatic experience of rape, the disgrace and disrespect felt by victims, squalid birthing experiences, shattered dreams and a future void of hope. It was a strong mix of interviews and documentary footage. Viewers can feel a very personal connection to these women, and the struggle they face now living with children conceived from rape.
For a story that requires subtitles, the video is easy to follow and emotional. The pacing was well done with adequate breaks provided. The story was edited for brevity without repetition in content. Music was effective, but not overbearing. 
2nd Place: State of Reflection by Adya Beasley The Star-Ledger- http://videos.nj.com/star-ledger/2011/09/state_of_reflection_new_jersey.html
The judges awarded 2nd place to State of Reflection because of its ability to tell an in-depth story about the impact of 9/11 on a community with a specific point of view. One can clearly understand that loss and healing are not buffeted by geographical separation, but rather how the two regions are connected. The interviews are well done, and documentary footage of the main subjects was included effectively. The scene of the dad riding beside the empty seat that would have been filled by his son and the dinner held on a daughter’s birthday are both powerful examples.
The start of the project is beautiful. Good use of music. The video is poetic and brilliant in many places yet lacks the overall cohesion in storytelling for a half-hour project. With tighter editing and a more clearly defined script this video could contend for first place. 
3rd Place: New Jersey teen in weight loss camp Andre Malok-The Star-Ledger – http://videos.nj.com/star-ledger/2011/10/new_jersey_teen_goes_to_weight.html

The judges awarded 3rd place to Weight Loss Camp because of strong journalistic ethic and complete storytelling. This story gives an overarching view of youth obesity through one character; kudos to the photographer for seeing the story through from start to finish. Editing was technically flawless. This video could have risen to 1st or 2nd place if there was more of a personal connection to the subject We see her and we hear her in interview situations, but we never really feel the story through documentary shooting. We’d also like to have seen greater attention to the setup for interviews. Think of interviews as portraits that talk.


Multimedia-Long Form-Sponsored by Rode Microphones

Top videos stood with strong storytelling, cinematic style, and editing. Each photographer had a clear vision going into the making of the video and it showed through the concise editing and strong visuals. 

To help create a better narrative strong characters are essential. Clear audio, different perspectives and paying attention to details like points of view, the length of the video, and cutting out repetition can also strengthen the narrative.

1st Place Entrant #45- Children of the Fallen-David Goldman Associated Press: http://vimeo.com/34938608

Very powerful storytelling! Good choice of music and beautiful visuals. Edited really nicely — the pacing, sequencing were fantastic. 

A great cinematic style and the choice of reporting on this issue is something that is not often looked at or covered in newspapers.


2nd Place  #121-St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, 10 Years later-Julia Xanthos Daily News- http://vimeo.com/28752591

By its nature this story was not visual but this photographer made it very interesting with their storytelling. 

Right from the start the strong opening was a sign of building up the small community in this church. From the sights and sounds of the Greek Orthodox religion we were pulled into a special place that suffered during 9/11.

The interviews between the subjects flowed well and for something that happened in the past this video made it current with attention to details from items pulled from the church, used in a symbolic way to paying attention and actively listening to what people were saying. 

3rd Place #47-Camping out with NASCAR fans at Talladega-David Goldman Associated Press http://vimeo.com/32477679

A really nice style to this video gave us great racecar culture and made it entertaining to watch. 

Visually it held our attention throughout the piece. This photographer was smart in comparing racecar fans to cars — giving us humor in many different ways. The opening scene of fans coming out of their tents and cutting to NASCAR cars coming out of their garages is a great example.

The choice of music was perfect and helped move the piece along. For a viewer not familiar with NASCAR culture this video gives them a great look and feel to what it can be like. 


HM  #39-Young Matthew Whitaker demonstrates his musical gifts-John Munson-The Star-Ledger http://videos.nj.com/star-ledger/2011/03/young_matthew_whitaker_demonst.html

Interesting story, well told. It could have benefited from a more visual variety throughout the piece.

HM#357 New York Mets Spring Training-Alejandra Villa-Newsday: https://vimeo.com/22057779

The video is a very stylized portrait of the beauty of baseball. The strength of the video is the visual journey the viewer takes through the photographer’s artistic interpretation of the Mets spring training.  

Judges: Detroit Free Press Staff Photographers – Eric Seals, Kimberly P. Mitchell, Brian Kaufman and Romain Blanquart with Managing Editor/Digital Media Nancy Andrews.


The Judges as they judge Occupy Wall Street Category.

Judges Bill Eppridge, Melanie Burford & David Burnett discuss the images.


Bill Eppridge, David Burnett, and Melanie Burford continue their efforts during late night judging.

Melanie Burford during late night judging.


Bill Eppridge during late night judging of the NYPPA Annual contest.

David Burnett during late night judging of the NYPPA Annual contest.