“Pretty Dictator Vs. Pretty Leaders” by Ha Lee at SB D Gallery

SB D Gallery proudly invites you to this significant reflection of the era where we are at.

The project, “Pretty Dictators Vs. Pretty Leaders” by Ha Lee, delivers the artist’s own message with questions to audiences. As a former editorial cartoon illustrator, Ha Lee portraits these top political figures around the world in his own ‘pretty’ satire. The communication he pursues is more of the ‘historic episode’ than the propaganda. He tried to illustrate the imbalance and dissonance of ideologies. Ha Lee believes no human being is born as a dictator but only raised as one. In the end, all human beings are ‘pretty’ for who they are. 

His artwork is a combination of digital and analog process. The image is first created digitally and then to be printed on canvas where he stuffs cotton below the canvas to hand saw. The projects includes 9 top political figures and the final piece are 30×40 inch big. 


– Muammar Gadhafi

– Barack Hussein Obama

– Osama Bin Laden

– Lee Myung Bak

– Kim Jong Il

– Hu Jintao

– Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

– Ben Shalom Bernanke

– Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak


“Pretty Dictator Vs. Pretty Leaders” by Ha Lee

April 30th to May 20th, 2011

Opening Reception: April 30th, Saturday, from 3-6pm

Curated by Seolbin Park

SB D Gallery, 125 East 4th Street New York, NY 10003 t.212-979-7329 www.sbdgallery.org

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