The NYPPA welcomes these 15 new members to the Association

The New York Press Photographers wants to welcome to membership the following people. When you see them on the street congratulate them and welcome to the New York Press Photographers Association

  • David S. Burns, New York Daily News-Photo Editor             
  • Suzy Allman, Photojournalist-Independent-USA  
  • Monika R. Graff, Photojournalist-Independent-USA  
  • Bradley Barket, Photojournalist-Independent-USA  
  • Rebecca Anne Davis,Daily News-Video Editor                   
  • Kirsten Jennifer Luce,The New York Times-Independent
  • Chris J. McGrath,Getty Images-Staff                              
  • Bryan A. Derballa, Photojournalist-Independent-USA  
  • Natalie Josepha Keyssar, Photojournalist-Independent-USA  
  • Emile F. Wamsteker, Photojournalist-Independent-USA  
  • Mustafah J. Abdulaziz, Photojournalist-Independent-USA  
  • Frank J. Ucciardo, Photojournalist-Independent-USA  
  • Andrew J. Hinderaker, Photojournalist-Independent-USA  
  • Tracy M. Armstead, The Wall Street Journal-Photo Editor
  • Taylor J. Umlauf, The Wall Street Journal-Photo Editor
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