NYPPA Welcomes 12 new Members and the reinstatement of 2 others

The NYPPA would like to formally welcome the following members into the Association. The Board voted them in at the December 14th meeting . On behalf of the NYPPA welcome:

Adya Beasley-The Star-Ledger-Staff

Andrew Burton-Photojournalist-Independent-USA

Julio Cortez-Associated Press-Trenton-Staff

Anthony Gruppuso-Photojournalist-Independent-USA

Michael Ip-Daily-News-Staff

Andrew James Kelly-Photojournalist-Independent-USA

Joe Marino-Daily News-Independent

John Phillip Minchillo-Photojournalist-Independent-USA

Lloyd R Mitchell-Student Photographer

Phillip E Montgomery-Photojournalist-Independent-USA

Nadav Neuhaus-Photojournalist-Independent-USA

Jeanne Marie Noonan-Daily News-Independent


Also the NYPPA has reinstated 

Michelle Agins-New York Times 

Marcus Santos-Photojournalist-Independent-USA




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