Incident Report

Report an Incident to the NYPPA


Welcome friend and colleague.

Please be reassured that the NYPPA is here to assist individuals – members and non-members – to report ANY incident that they believe to be a conflict with a Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Service or other Public Safety Agency while you are working in the capacity as a news gatherer.

Remember conflict isn’t only an arrest. It is important that you record incidents where your view or line of sight is intentionally blocked or if you are removed from private property after you have permission of the owner to be there.

Please also document if you are harassed, verbally abused, if you are threatened with arrest or confiscation of your press credentials.

PLEASE NOTE: The names of anyone submitting this form will be held in confidence by the NYPPA and will not be shared without the expressed permission of the individual submitting the form. We encourage you to fill out the form as much as you can and to please include your actual name and contact information so that the NYPPA can follow up on your individual case.

• Incident Report Form (web) 

We also encourage you to DOWNLOAD the pdf or the doc file and fill it out so that you have a hard copy for reference.

Thank you.

If you need to contact us, feel free to give us a call or email the organization.