Contest Entry Fees

Contest Entry Fees


Contest Entry Fee – $40 for the first 20 entries

The fee is $40 for the first 20 entries. Any additional entry is $5 each and can be added using the “Additional Entry Fees” button below. There is a $3 service fee for this via PayPal.

Multimedia ONLY Entry Fee – $16 for the first 8 entires

For those entering multi media ONLY, the entry fee is $16. Those entering photos AND multimedia should use the standard “Contest Entry Fee” button above.

Additional Entry Fees – $5 for each additonal entry

This applies to either photo or mutlimedia entry. You can select this button once and update the quantity of the entries on the subsequent PayPal check out page. 


Membership Fees

If you wish to pay for your membership fees along with your contest fees, you can do it all at once on this page. Online renewal has a $5 fee already tacked on via PayPal.