2023 Year in Pictures Gallery

Results of the 89th Annual Photography & Multimedia Contest, 2023 Year in Pictures and Multimedia Contest, judged in 2024. – Multimedia results | Meet the Judges

The Best in Show, Photographer of the Year, and “Anthony J. Causi” Sports Photographer of the year will be announced the week of March 15th after the contest judgingThe judging was on March 1 & 2 2024 and the winners are listed below.


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Spot News “William V. Finn Memorial” Award

Sections of a six-story building at 1915 Billingsley Terrace, near Phelan Place, in
Morris Heights fell to the ground at about 3:38 p.m. on 11/12/2023.

1st – Dean Moses – AMNY Metro – Bronx building Collapse

2nd – Barry Williams – Independent – MOS Killed by Father

3rd – Carlos Chiossone – Independent -Ukrainian Church Baby

HM – Alexi Rosenfeld – Independent – From the Taxi Window to the Ground

HM – Lloyd Mitchell – Independent – Shots Fired Officers in need of assistance

EA – Lloyd Mitchell – Independent – Love for a Partner in Death

EA – Yunghi Kim – Contact Press Images – Kai Cenat Riot

EA- Dean Moses – AMNY Metro – Manhole explosion rocks East Village

EA- Dean Moses – AMNY Metro – Kidnapped

EA- Dean Moses – AMNY Metro – “Let Black Men Grow Old Freely”

General News

People protest in support of Palestine in Queens, New York. 18 October 2023.

1st – Adam Gray – Independent – Neighborhood Protest for Palestine

2nd – Yunghi Kim – Contact Press Images – NYC Migrant Crisis Waiting

3rd – Adam Gray – Independent – Protest on the Tracks

HM – Debra Rothenberg – Independent – Canadian Wildfires

HM – Barry Williams – Independent – NYPD Officer Funeral

EA – Aristide Economopoulos – Independent – Remembering the the Triangle Fire

EA – Adam Gray – Independent – Trump at Court

EA – Seth Harrison – USA Today Network – Israeli Palestinian Protests

EA – Aristide Economopoulos – Independent – Remembering the Kidnapped in Israel

EA – J. Conrad Williams Jr. – Newsday – Saint Isidoros

EA- Gary Hershorn – Independent – Macy’s Fireworks

EA – Gary Hershorn – Independent – Smoke filled Summer in NYC

The “Carl Thusgaard” National/International News

Migrants cross the Rio Grande from Piedras Negras, Mexico, to Eagle Pass,
United States, on Christmas Day. 25 December, 2023.

1st – Adam Gray – Independent – Christmas Day Crossing the Rio Grande

2nd – Adam Gray – Independent – Lone Firefighter in Maui Devastation

3rd – Michael Brochstein – Independent – Kevin McCarthy walking with Reporters

HM – James Keivom – New York Post – Eagle Pass

HM – David Goldman – Associated Press – Mass Shooting Memorial

EA – Michael Brochstein – Independent – Building Destroyed by War in Ukraine

EA – Alexi Rosenfeld – Independent – Hamas Bodies Fill the Main Field

EA – Adam Gray – Independent – Maine Shooting

EA – James Keivom – New York Post – Maui Fire

EA – James Keivom – New York Post – Maui Fire

EA – Alexi Rosenfeld – Independent – Kissing the Revolution

EA – Saed Hindash -NJ Advance Media/Lehighvalleylive.com – Water Break

News Picture Story

Smoke Filled Summer in New York City: Begining in mid-May smoke from Canadian
wildfires began to drift into the Northeast part of the USA and into New York City.

1st – Gary Hershorn – Independent – Smoked Filled Summer in NYC

2nd – James Keivom – New York Post – Migration at the U.S. Mexico Border

3rd – Adam Gray – Independent – The Death of Jordan Neely

HM – Yunghi Kim – Contact Press Images – Migrants Camping in NYC Brings Crisis into Focus

HM – Chang W. Lee New York Times – The Anniversary of Crowd Crush


A group of women perform traditional Haitian dances while on the beach in the summer
resort town of Coney Island. Coney Island is America’s oldest summer resort town,
attracting diverse local and international visitors to its shore. Saturday, September 2, 2023
Brooklyn, NY

1st – Aristide Economopoulos – Independent – Coney Dancing

2nd – David Goldman – Associated Press – Longhorns

3rd – David Goldman – Associated Press – Gun Violence Survivor

HM – Craig Ruttle – Independent For Newsday – Frolic

HM – Michael Brochstein – Independent – Treatment of Wounded Soldiers in Ukraine

EA – Ben Fractenberg – The City – The Fight

EA – Chang W. Lee – New York Times – Harvesting Seaweed

EA – Steven Pfost – Newsday – Ducking the Rain

EA – Michael Loccisano – Getty Images – Hampton Classic

EA – Adam Gray – Independent – Fire Holi

Feature Picture Story

Navada Gwynn, left, embraces his daughter, also named, Navada, 15, as they hold
their dogs, Whoa-Whoa, left, and Honey, at their home in Louisville, Ky.,
Monday, Aug. 28, 2023.

1st – David Goldman – Associated Press – Surviving Gun Violence

2nd – David Goldman – Associated Press – Regenerative Farming

3rd – Chang W. Lee – New York Times – Life along the Korean DMZ, 70 Years after the Fighting Ended

HM – David Goldman – Associated Press – Texas Beef Culture

HM – Adam Gray – Independent – Becoming Eden

EA – Aristide Economopoulos – Independent – Navy SEAL Foundation New York City SEAL Swim

EA – Chang W. Lee – New York Times – Seaweed is Having its Moments in the Sun


An 85 percent waning gibbous moon rises behind the EdgeNYC observation deck
at Hudson Yards in New York City on December 30, 2023

1st – Gary Hershorn – Independent – Moonrise and the Edge of NYC

2nd – Craig Ruttle – Independent for Newsday – Reflective Stroll

3rd – Aristide Economopoulos – Independent – Coney Summer Sky

HM – Gary Hershorn – Independent – Lightning Spectacle

HM – Gary Hershorn – Independent – Moonrise in NYC

EA – David Goldman – Associated Press – Supertrees

EA – Aristide Economopoulos – Independent – Colorful Dock

EA – David Goldman – Associated Press – Looking for Wolves

EA – Ray Stubblebine – Independent – Tile Restoration

EA – Ray Stubblebine – Independent – Moonrise in Cactus Land

EA – Alejandra Villa Loarca – Newsday – Up in the Sky

EA – Gary Hershorn – Independent – Moonrise in NYC

EA – Yunghi Kim – Contact Press Images – Coney Island Storm


Candy Linear wears a jacket decorated with an image of her daughter, Nylah, who was
shotand killed at the age of 16, as Linear attends a gun control rally in Louisville, Ky.,
Saturday, June 3, 2023.

1st – David Goldman – Associated Press – Coat of Grief

2nd – Yunghi Kim – Contact Press Images – Climate March

3rd – Yunghi Kim – Contact Press Images – Migrant

HM – Aristide Economopoulos – Independent – Lois and Her Easter Bonnet

HM – Alexi Rosenfeld – Independent – Launderama & Anna

EA – Chang W. Lee – The New York Times – Mongolian Sumo Player

EA – Randee Daddona – Independent for Newsday – Thanks for the Kelp

EA – Chang W. Lee – The New York Times – Home Alone

EA – Debbie Egan-Chin – Independent for Newsday – 1963 March on Washington

EA – Ben Fractenberg – THE CITY – Two of a Kind


An adult Black Skimmer attempts to catch fish at Nickerson Beach Park on September
04, 2023 in Lido Beach, New York.

1st – Bruce Bennett – Getty Images – Skimmer Fishing

2nd – Aristide Economopoulos – Independent – NYC Dog Halloween Parade

3rd – Charles Wenzelberg -m New York Post – You Looking at Me?

HM – Randee Daddona – Independent for Newsday – Hatching

HM – Bruce Bennett – Getty Images – Great Catch

EA – Thomas A. Ferrara – Newsday – Hunting at Sunset

EA – Debbie Egan-Chin – Independent for Newsday – Native American Pray

EA – Audrey C. Tiernan – Newsday Emeritus – All Dressed Up

EA – Andrew Schwartz – Independent – 147th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

EA – Bruce Bennett – Getty Images – End of the Lizard

EA – Brad Penner _ Independent – Belmont Braids

EA – Debra Rothenberg _ Independent – Golden Retriever Cools Off

Sports Action

Santiago Choez of Team Ecuador competes on Diving – Men’s 10m Platform Final on
Day 5 of Santiago 2023 Pan Am Games on October 25, 2023 in Santiago, Chile.

1st – Al Bello – Getty Images – Impact

2nd – Sarah Stier – Getty Images – Female Boxing Punch

3rd – Andrew Mills – NJ Advance Media – Finish Line

HM – Brad Penner – Independent – Sabalenka Serve

HM – Charles Wenzelberg – New York Post – Goal

EA – Brad Penner – Independent – Schmidt Spotlight

EA – Al Bello – Getty Images – On the Button

EA – Al Bello – Getty Images – Coming up for Air

EA – Robert Sabo – New York Post – Ouch

EA – J. Conrad Williams Jr. – Newsday – Pipeline

EA – Brad Penner – Independent – Nick Nelson

EA – Sarah Stier – Getty Images – Swimmers Dive In

EA – Al Bello – Getty Images – Over the Hump

Sports Feature

Hakuhō Shō, foreground, the former Mongolian Yokozuna (champion) gave a session
with four young participants during Hakuhō Cup, a sumo competition for elementary
and middle school students at Ryōgoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan on Feb. 12th, 2023.

1st – Chang W. Lee – The New York Times – Hakuho Sho, the former Mongolian Yokozuna (champion)

2nd – Karsten Moran – Independent – Coco

3rd – Robert Sabo – New York Post – Empathy

HM – Robert Deutsch – Independent – Arrya tries to Cope

HM – Al Bello – Getty Images – A Cloud of Chalk Dust

EA – Robert Sabo – New York Post – Rutgers Win

EA – Al Bello – Getty Images – Locker Room Break

EA – Elsa – Getty Images – Cannonball

EA – Sarah Stier – Getty Images – Twins

EA – Saed Hindash – NJ Advance Media Lehighvalleylive.com – Fired Up

EA – Saed Hindash – NJ Advance Media Lehighvalleylive.com – Gridiron Players

EA – Al Bello – Getty Images – A Pause in the Action

EA – Sarah Stier – Getty Images – Yankee in the Fires

Sports Picture Story

Savannah Bananas owner Jesse Cole greets fans before their game against the
Staten Island Ferryhawks at Richmond County Bank Ball Park on August 11, 2023
in New York City.

1st – Al Bello – Getty Images – The Savannah Bananas

2nd – Chang W. Lee – The New York Times – Hakuho Cup: A Sumo Championship

3rd – Elsa – Getty Images – PBR: Unleash the Beast

HM – Sarah Stier – Getty Images – Aquatics

HM – Al Bello – Getty Images – Faces of Weightlifting

Face of New York

A man sleeps on a subway platform as the “Nostalgia Train,” a collection of subway cars
dating back to the 1920’s, departs a downtown platform.

1st – David Handschuh – Independent – Nostalgia Train

2nd – Susan Stava – Independent – Don’t Look

3rd – David Handschuh – Independent – Selfie Blues

HM – Aristide Economopoulos – Independent – Ladies Night Partying

HM – Gary Hershorn – Independent – Sunset on 42nd Street in NYC

EA – Aristide Economopoulos – Independent – Whac a Mole

EA – Aristide Economopoulos – Independent – Young & in love Waiting For U Train

EA – Bruce Gilbert – Independent for Newsday – Whitney Bow

EA – Gary Hershorn – Independent – Sunrise in NYC

EA – John Roca – Independent for Newsday – Late to the Wedding

EA – Yunghi Kim – Contact Press Images – Naked Cowboy for the Migrants

EA – Adam Gray – Independent – Chametz Williamsburg

EA – Yunghi Kim – Contact Press Images – Dancing in the Street

EA – Hiroko Masuike – The New York Times – Chrysler Building


Multimedia – Short Form (under 5 minutes)






Multimedia – Long Form (Over 5 minute)







Still Photography Contest Judges

Robert Rodriguez Deirdre Finzer Read Lauren Joseph

Robert F. Rodriguez is a past president of the NYPPA. He worked for The Journal News / Gannett as a staff photographer, Chief photographer and Director of Photography. Later Robert worked as an associate editor at Daily Mail. He is also a former Artist-in-Residence at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and co-author of two New York City-themed books. He is a highly experienced visual journalist with extensive knowledge in photo and video editing, web research, social media, creating photo composites, producing video and photo galleries, web management, caption and headline writing and special projects.

Deirdre Finzer Read is a Photo Agent. She is the former Deputy Visual Research Editor for Oprah Daily and O, The Oprah Magazine: Quarterly, & Prevention at Hearst Magazines. From 2013-2020 she handled visuals for O, The Oprah Magazine: “Live Your Best Life,” “Where Are You Going?” & “Reading Room” sections – encompassing lifestyle, celebrity portraiture, and photojournalism. She also contributed to O, The Oprah Magazine’s Instagram account. Previously, she was a Freelance Photo Editor at TV Land, TIME books, The New York Post: Page Six Magazine & Alexa, The International Emmys and AOL. She worked on staff as a Photo Editor Specialist at National Geographic Magazine (2010-12), a Supporting Picture Editor at TIME Magazine (2006–10), an Assistant Photo Editor at World Picture News (2004–06) and as First Assistant for photographer Eddie Adams (2003-04). Deirdre graduated in 2002 from Indiana University with a B.A. in Communications and Culture. She volunteers conducting portfolio reviews for The Palm Springs Photo Festival, NYCFotoWorks, Photoville for the ASMPNY, PhotoNOLA Festival, and the Eddie Adams Workshop.

Lauren Joseph is a Photo Art Director, Editor + Producer and an experienced creative leader with a proven track record of award-winning work in editorial, news media and advertising industries. Highly organized, independent, and ambitious manager known for fostering collaboration, teamwork, and driving the successful implementation of new systems and processes. I consistently deliver exceptional visual projects of the highest quality and originality across multi-platforms, including print, digital, social media, and video, for renowned publications and corporations. I have effectively led teams of varying sizes, ensuring seamless execution from start to finish. My proven expertise and dedication to excellence will bring your organization’s creative initiatives to new heights.

Multimedia Judges Bob Sacha and Travis Fox

Bob Sacha is a director, cinematographer, editor, teacher, photographer and a collaborator on visual journalism projects. He created the video for projects that have won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service, a National Emmy for New Approaches to News &  Documentary Programming. a Webby and the first gold medal ever given by the Society for News Design. He teamed up with Blue Chalk  as the the director of photography for the New York Times series, Living City, about  New York’s infrastructure.  BlindSight, a documentary short about a group of blind photographers that he directed, shot & produced had its world premiere at DOCNYC, the country’s largest documentary festival. He is currently an Associate Professor of Video Storytelling at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY.  His new passion and focus is 360 Video/VR and volumetric capture for journalism.

Travis Fox is the director of the Visual Journalism department at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Fox most recently produced films for FRONTLINE on PBS. His work has also appeared on National Geographic, Al Jazeera, and The New York Times.

From 1999 to 2009, he worked as a senior video journalist at The Washington Post and was widely recognized as a pioneer of news video on the web. He covered such major stories as the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan. In 2006, he won the first Emmy Award presented to a web video producer for his coverage of Hurricane Katrina. He was also the first person to win both the Editor of the Year and Videographer of the Year awards from the White House News Photographers Association in the same year. He has won dozens of National Press Photographers Association and Pictures of the Year International awards and has been nominated for a total of eight Emmy’s.

Fox has taught broadcast journalism at the CUNY J-School and multimedia filmmaking at Columbia University. He graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism.