2018 Year in Pictures Gallery

Results of the 84th Annual Photography & Multimedia Contest, 2018 Year in Pictures and Multimedia Contest, judged in 2019. – Multimedia results | Meet the Judges

2019 NYPPA Best in Show Sponsored by FujiFilm Cameras  Byron Smith – Remembering Saheed – Independent

2019 Photographer of the Year Sponsored by Canon U.S.A. Thomas A. Ferrara – Newsday

2019 Sports Photographer of the Year Sponsored by Getty Images Brad Penner – Independent for USA Today Sports

 Spot News


1st Place – Gabriella Bass – Untitled – Independent

1st Place – Gabriella Bass – Untitled – Independent

2nd Place – Stephen Yang – Shooting in Bedford Stuyvesant – Independent

3rd Place – James Keivom – Fatal car Crash – Independent

Honorable Mention – Todd Maisel – It wasn’t me – Independent

Honorable Mention – Todd Maisel – Burned Alive – Independent

Exhibit Award – James Keivom – Car in Store – Independent

Exhibit Award – Steve Pfost – Recycling Fire -Newsday

Exhibit Award – John Angelillo – Liberty Rescue – UPI

Exhibit Award – Gardiner Anderson – Untitled – Independent

Exhibit Award – Gardiner Anderson – Untitled – Independent

General News

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has problems responding to a question from a guest during his Inaugural Ball at MetLife Stadium.  Tuesday January 16, 2018. East Rutherford, NJ, USA

1st Place – Aristide Economopoulos – Murphy Flounder – NJ Advance Media

1st Place – Aristide Economopoulos – Murphy Flounder – NJ Advance Media

2nd Place – David Handschuh – Funeral – Independent for Newsday

3rd Place – James Keivom -Cuomo – Independent

Honorable Mention – Debbie Egan-Chin – Heroic Son – Independent

Honorable Mention – Hiroko Masuike Migrant Children in New York – New York Times

Exhibit Award – Aristide Economopoulos – Keeping Eye on Mom – NJ Advance Media

Exhibit Award – John Angelillo – Manhattan Fashion – UPI

Exhibit Award – David Handschuh – Trump vs Trump – Independent

Exhibit Award – Marcus Santos – Stormy Arrives – Independent

Exhibit Award – Micheal Brochstein – Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest – Independent

News Picture Story

 Friends  who knew Saheed Vassell write notes and light candles near the scene where Vassell was shot by the NYPD on the corner of Utica Avenue and Montgomery Street in Brooklyn on Thursday, April 5, 2018.  Vassell was a mentally disturbed individual beloved by the community and was killed when an officer opened fire when he looked as if he had a firearm but turned out to be a piece of metal.

1st Place – Byron Smith – Remembering Saheed – Independent

1st Place – Byron Smith – Remembering Saheed – Independent

2nd Place – Byron Smith – Searching for a Cure – Independent

3rd Place – David Goldman – Hurricane Michael – Associated Press

Honorable Mention – Stephen Yang – After the Storm: Puerto Rico’s Mentaller al Health Crisis – Independent

Honorable Mention – Stefan T Jeremiah – Justice for Saheed – Independent


 Phone Obsessed
While slow dancing, a young man is more interested in looking at social media on his phone rather than paying attention to his date during the 2018 J. P. Stevens High School prom held at Addison Park.  Friday May 25, 2018. Keyport, NJ, USA

1st Place – Aristide Economopoulos – Phone Obsessed – NJ Advance Media

1st Place – Aristide Economopoulos – Phone Obsessed – NJ Advance Media

2nd Place – Gary Hershorn – Helping Hand – Independent

3rd Place – David Handschuh – Chefs – Independent

Honorable Mention – Randee Post-Daddona – Too Many Cooks in the kitchen – Independent for Newsday

Honorable Mention – David Goldman – Women Behind Bars – Associated Press

Exhibit Award – John Angelillo – Lightning Strikes the World Trade Center – UPI

Exhibit Award – David Handschuh – A Helping Hand – Independent for Newsday

Exhibit Award – Marisol Diaz – Gordon – Swim Class – Independent for Newsday

Exhibit Award – Ed Murray – Mermaid Check – NJ Advance Media

Feature Picture Story

 Dr. Thomas Romo and Jared Galicia admire the results of surgery. Jared was excited to be able to rest his glasses on his new ears.  Jared Galicia, a 12-year old boy from NJ, was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, a debilitating facial disfigurement which left him without ears. He received the free life-changing reconstructive surgery through the Little Baby Face Foundation. Feb. 12, 2018.New York Manhattan 100 E 77 St Lenox Hill Hospital.

1st Place – Marcus Santos – New Era for Jared – Independent

1st Place – Marcus Santos – New Ears for Jared – Independent

2nd Place – Steve Pfost – Press Run – Newsday

3rd Place – Aristide Economopoulos – The Nutcracker – NJ Advance Media

Honorable Mention – Aristide Economopoulos – Coney Island – NJ Advance Media

Honorable Mention – Thomas A. Ferrara – The Mermaids of Long Island – Newsday


42nd Street Moonrise

1st Place – Gary Hershorn – 42nd Street Moonrise – Independent

1st Place – Gary Hershorn – 42nd Street Moonrise – Independent

2nd Place – Aristide Economopoulos – Ode to Degas – NJ Advance Media

3rd Place –  Karsten Moran – Venus- Independent

Honorable Mention – Carl Glassman – Touch in the Mist – Independent

Honorable Mention – Gary Hershorn – Triple Bolt of Lightning – Independent

Exhibit Award – Debbie Egan-Chin – Windy – Independent

Exhibit Award – David Handschuh – Taxis – Independent for Newsday

Exhibit Award – Karsten Moran – Into the Painting -Independent

Exhibit Award – Thomas A. Ferrara – Fisherman’s Sunset – Newsday



1st Place – Al Bello – Young Boxer – Getty Images

1st Place – Al Bello – Young Boxer – Getty Images

2nd Place – Anthony DelMundo – J’Ouvert Parade – Independent

3rd Place – Matt Smith – Elton John Farewell – Independent

Honorable Mention – Anthony DelMundo – Fashion Show Spectator – Independent

Honorable Mention – David Goldman – Women Behind Bars – Associated Press

Exhibit Award – Jennifer Altman – Arianna Huffington – Independent

Exhibit Award – Thomas Ferrara – Master Luthier, Charles Rutino – Newsday

Exhibit Award – Charles Wenzelberg – Joe Willie – New York Post

Exhibit Award – Michael Brochstein – Misin Formation Newsstand New Times Square – Independent



1st Place – David Sanders – Paws -Independent for The New York Times

1st Place – David Sanders – Paws – Independent for The New York Times

2nd Place – Karsten Moran – Puli – Independent

3rd Place – Aristide Economopoulos – Afghan Hound – NJ Advance Media

Honorable Mention – Karsten Moran – Ace – Independent

Honorable Mention – David Handschuh – Ducks – Independent

Exhibit Award – Karsten Moran – Sparrow – Independent

Exhibit Award – David Handschuh – Llama – Independent

Exhibit Award – Ed Murray – Curling Dog -NJ Advance Media

Exhibit Award – Ed Murray – Stylish Cat – NJ Advance Media

Sports Action

 Michael Van Brill beats A.C. Headlee 7-5 at 141 pounds as Rutgers wrestling hosts North Carolina at the RAC. 1/12/18 Piscataway, N.J.

1st Place – John Munson – On your head – NJ Advance Media

1st Place – John Munson – On your head – NJ Advance Media

2nd Place – Chang Lee – An Eye on the Prize – New York Times

3rd Place –  John Munson – Stiff Arm – NJ Advance Media

Honorable Mention – Al Bello – Iron Man Start – Getty Images

Honorable Mention – Bill Kostroun – Giant Leap – Independent

Exhibit Award – Charles Wenzelberg – Thats Gotta Hurt – New York Post

Exhibit Award – Robert Deutsch – Serena Face – USA Today

Exhibit Award – Bill Kostroun – Baller – Independent

Exhibit Award – Bill Kostroun – Whiff – Independent

Exhibit Award – Al Bello – Hurt Business – Getty Images

Sports Feature

 Sept 8, 2018; New York, NY, USA;  
Naomi Osaka of Japan cries as Serena Williams of the USA comforts her after the crowd booed after the women’s final match on day thirteen of the 2018 U.S. Open tennis tournament at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

1st Place – Robert Deutsch – Naomi Cries Serena Comforts – USA Today

1st Place – Robert Deutsch – Naomi Cries Serena Comforts – USA Today

2nd Place – Al Bello – Class Act – Getty Images

3rd Place – Chang Lee – That’s a Wrap – New York Times

Honorable Mention – Ed Murray – Defeat – NJ Advance Media

Honorable Mention – Bruce Bennett – Dejections – Getty Images

Exhibit Award – Thomas A. Ferrara – Scanning Stanton – Newsday

Exhibit Award – Jim McIsaac – Red Sox Celebrates ALDS Win – Independent for Newsday

Exhibit Award – Thomas A. Ferrara – The Bullpen – Newsday

Exhibit Award – Chang Lee – The Champion – New York Times

Exhibit Award – Robert Sabo – Opening Day – New York Post

Sports Picture Story


1st Place – Karsten Moran – Westminster Dog Show – Independent

1st Place – Karsten Moran – Westminster Dog Show – Independent

2nd Place – David Goldman – Arm Wrestling over the Top – Associated Press

3rd Place – Aristide Economopoulos – Football preseason camps –  NJ Advance Media

Honorable Mention – Al Bello – The state of Sports in Puerto Rico 1 year after Hurricane Maria –  Getty Images

Honorable Mention – Robert Sabo – Belmont – New York Post

Face of New York


1st Place – Aristide Economopoulos – Quinceañera Photos – NJ Advance Media

1st Place – Aristide Economopoulos – Quinceañera Photos – NJ Advance Media

2nd Place – Chang W. Lee – Taxi Driver – New York Times

3rd Place – David Sanders – Mannequins – Independent for New York Times

Honorable Mention – Charles Eckert – Zuzu Zuzak – Independent for Newsday

Honorable Mention – Craig Ruttle – All Aboard – Independent for Newsday

Exhibit Award – Helayne Seidman – Rush Hour Kiss – Independent

Exhibit Award – Aristide Economopoulos – 4th of July – NJ Advance Media

Exhibit Award – Bruce Cotler – Rabbis – Independent

Exhibit Award – Michael Brochstein – Manhattanhenge Sunset in NYC – Independent

Digital Darkroom


1st Place – Patrick Carroll – Aqua Man – Daily News Retired

1st Place – Patrick Carroll – Aqua Man – Daily News Retired

2nd Place – Saed Hindash – Football Player of the Year – Lehigh Valley Live

3rd Place – Patrick Carroll – Disjointed – Daily News Retired

Honorable Mention – David Handschuh – Pretzel – Independent

Honorable Mention – Patrick Carroll – Lady behind the fence – Daily News Retired

National/International News


1st Place – David Goldman – Hurricane Baby – Associated Press

1st Place – David Goldman – Hurricane Baby – Associated Press

2nd Place – James Keivom – March of Our Lives – Independent  

3rd Place – David Goldman – Election 2018 – Associated Press

Honorable Mention – Aristide Economopoulos – Donald and Daughter – NJ Advance Media

Honorable Mention – David Goldman – Mass Outside Damaged Church – Associated Press

Exhibit Award – Craig Ruttle – The Glow of 100 Years – Independent

Exhibit Award – David Goldman – Flooding Rescue – Associated Press


Multimedia Short Form

1st Place – Andre Malok – NJ Advance Media – Ice fishing: Rare treat for New Jersey anglers                       

2nd Place – John Munson – NJ Advance Media – The arm-wrestling dentist                                                                          

3rd Place – Andre Malok – NJ Advance Media – 3rd grader’s award-winning handwriting will put your cursive to shame            

Honorable Mention – Randee Daddona – Independent for Newsday – Long Island’s New Homesteaders

Honorable Mention – Andre Malok – NJ Advance Media – Undocumented immigrants avoiding ICE find sanctuary at N.J. church              

Multimedia Long Form

1st Place – Alejandra Villa-Loarca & Megan Miller – Newsday – When You’re Ready 

2nd Place – David Goldman – Associated Press – The Revolving Door: Women Behind Bars                                                    

3rd Place – David Goldman – Associated Press – Death & Disappearance in Indian Country                                                    

Honorable Mention – Chris Ware – Newsday – Able   

Honorable Mention – Jeffrey Basinger, Raychel Brightman, Robert Cassidy & Randee Daddona – Newsday – We Are Brentwood                                                                  



Jose R. Lopez,,recently retired from The New York Times after a 31 year career there as both a staff photographer and picture editor. 

Lopez was also based in Washington, DC during the Reagan, Bush (41) and the first two years of the Clinton administration. He was a member of the White House News Photographers Association and served as the Treasurer for two years.

As a staff photographer for The New York Times, Lopez covered various stories that included national news stories as well as sports stories including two Olympic Games, five Super Bowls and two World Series.  He also covered the end of the Bosnian conflict in 1995-96.

Lopez was one of the few staff members that successfully transitioned from staff photographer to picture editor and edited five different sections during his career.  He was a member of the 2002 Pulitzer Prize winning photo team for their work done on the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks coverage. He was one of two picture editors chosen to edit the new digital platform NYTNOW which helped set the tone for future digital projects at nytimes.com.

Lopez was recently honored by the National Press Photographers Association when they bestowed the John Durniak Mentors Citation in February 2019.  Lopez taught the photojournalism classes at The New York Times Student Journalism Institute for over ten years and some of his students have gone on to successful photojournalism careers of their own. 

Lopez in married to the journalist and author Caitlin Kelly and the two reside in Tarrytown, NY.

Dr. Lauren Walsh, co-editor of The Future of Text and Image: Collected Essays on Literary and Visual Conjunctures (2012) and The Millennium Villages Project (2016), and photo editor of Macondo: Memories of the Colombian Conflict (2017).

Walsh has published in The Los Angeles Review of Books, Photography and Culture, The Romanic Review, The Journal of American History, The New Republic, and Nomadikon, among others, and has articles in numerous anthologies. In addition to her appearances on CNN, Walsh has appeared on radio programs and as an expert on photography in the documentary 9/11: Ten Years Later (2011).

Her research concentrates on questions of memory and visual media. She is interested in the politics and ethics of photography, and in exploring intersections of literature and visual culture. Walsh focuses particularly on photojournalism, with a specialty in conflict photography. Her forthcoming book with Bloomsbury Press is called Conversations on Conflict Photography and explores public responses to photographic coverage of war and humanitarian crises. Walsh is Director of Lost Rolls America, a national archive of photography and memory, and runs Gallatin’s Photojournalism Lab. Walsh was awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award from Gallatin in 2017.

Kim Chapin, deputy director of photography at the Boston Globe since 2005. Her current primary role is visual editor of Bostonglobe.com as well as handling most administrative duties within the department. 

Previously Kim worked at Newsday on Long Island, New York, as Day and Sports Photo Editor for 8 years. She was also design and photo editor for 2 1/2 years at the Saginaw News in Michigan. She graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a Bachelor of Journalism.



The judging of the Multimedia was done by Kayle Hope, Bob Sacha, and Nyier Abdou

Kayle Hope is a video journalist at NationSwell where she makes short form documentaries about people finding solutions to America’s biggest social and economic challenges. She also teaches visual storytelling at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and Hunter College. Most recently, Kayle produced NationSwell’s first video series about the opioid epidemic in Huntington, W.V. 

Before joining NationSwell, Kayle led media literacy workshops and produced independent documentaries in Cambodia, China, Bhutan, Nepal and India. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Fast Company, NBC and the Nation. Kayle graduated from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

Bob Sacha is a director, cinematographer, editor, teacher, photographer and, above all, a collaborator on visual journalism projects. He has created video for projects that have won the Pulitzer Prize, a National Emmy for New Approaches to News and Documentary Programming,  a Webby and the first gold medal ever given by the Society for News Design. He was the director of photography for the New York TImes series, Living City, about  New York’s infrastructure. BlindSight, a documentary short about a group of blind photographers that he directed and shot, had its world premiere at DOCNYC, the country’s largest documentary festival. 

He was recently named an Associate Professor for Video Storytelling at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York where for the past four years he received the Tow Foundation Grant for “ teachers who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in their fields.”  “Known for his innovative approach to visual storytelling and his engaging teaching style, ”  he received one of  the initial Journalism360 grants for Immersive Storytelling to bring  360 video journalism to community media organizations in the NYC area.

He’s lectured and taught workshops and classes at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, SVA, the International Center of Photography’s New Media Narratives, CAMERA, the Italian Center for Photography and around the world for National Geographic Expeditions. He’s interested in looking deeper into 360 video and spatial audio and is obsessed with capturing light and movement, photos and video with his iPhone.

Nyier Abdou is a freelance video journalist, filmmaker, and multimedia producer. A longtime newspaper reporter, she worked in Cairo for more than six years, covering regional issues such as democracy movements, the Iraq war, the Arab-Palestinian conflict, and Kurdish issues in Turkey and Iraq. 

In 2005, she moved back to the U.S. to join The Star-Ledger newspaper in New Jersey, where she worked for nine years and was among the first reporters in the newsroom to be trained in video journalism. She later moved from print to video full time, going on to produce award-winning documentaries and news features with the paper. 

Her work has earned her six New York Emmy awards, including best documentary and writing for her recent documentary, “Being George,” which was screened at several local film festivals.

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