2010 Year in Pictures

2010 Year in Pictures (2011 Contest)

Results of the 76th Annual Photography & Multimedia Contest, 2010 Year in Pictures and Multimedia Contest, judged in 2011. The Best in Show and Portfolio will be announced at the NYPPA Gallery opening in May. These photos will appear in the NYPPA 2011 Annual  | Multimedia Results | Meet the Judges 



Aristide Economopoulos – The Star-Ledger


Aristide Economopoulos – The Star-Ledger


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Aristide Economopoulos1st Place – Aristide Economopoulos – The Star-Ledger – “Fight Break Up”

2nd Place – Rob Bennett – Wall Street Journal – “14th Street Fire”

3rd Place – Jefferson Siegel – Freelance – “Jumper Up”

HM – Todd Maisel – Daily News – “In the middle of trouble”

HM – Linda Rosier – Daily News – “Surprise”

EA – Robert Sabo – Daily News – “Fire Rescue”

EA – James Keivom – Daily News – “Dead Man’s Curve”

EA – Todd Maisel – Daily News – “Helping Hands”

EA – James Keivom – Daily News – “Railway line suicide attempt “

EA – James Keivom – Daily News – “Fatal second-alarm fire in the Bronx”


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1st Place – Debbie Egan-Chin – Daily News – “Griefstricken”

2nd Place – Shannon Stapleton – Reuters – “Too Young to Die”

3rd Place – David Goldman – Freelance – “Job Availability”

HM – Anthony DelMundo – Daily News – “Father’s Grief”

HM – David Goldman – Freelance – “Tibetan Protest”

EA – Michael Nagle – Freelance – “Marine Lance Corporal Killed In Afghanistan Is Buried In New Jersey”

EA – Aristide Economopoulos – The Star-Ledger – “A Felon’s Heroic Return”

EA – Shannon Stapleton – Reuters – “Mourning a Friend”

EA – Ed Murray – The Star-Ledger – “A widows’s sorrow”



1st Place – Michael Appleton – Independent – “Haiti Earthquake”

2nd Place – Shannon Stapleton – Reuters – “Haiti Earthquake”

3rd Place – Julie Jacobson – Associated Press – “A Country in Ruins”

HM – Aristide Economopoulos – The Star-Ledger – “Felon Mayor Returns a Hero”

HM – Mike Segar – Reuters – “G20 Protests in Toronto”


Sponsored by The Star-Ledger

1st Place – Craig Warga – Daily News – “Running in the Rain”

2nd – Linda Rosier – Daily News – “Manhattan Beach”

3rd – Aristide Economopoulos – The Star-Ledger – “Young Love”

HM – Debbie Egan-Chin – Daily News – “Ah, Summertime”

HM – Mustafa Abdulaziz – Wall Street Journal – “11 year-old bear hunter”

EA – Saed Hindash – The Star-Ledger – “Snow Bound”

EA – Uli Seit – New York Times – “Flying in Bad Weather”

EA – Aristide Economopoulos – The Star-Ledger – “Wild Claw Ride”

EA – Mark Dye – Independent – “Jersey City Shopper”


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1st Place – Aristide Economopoulos – The Star-Ledger – “County Fair”

2nd Place – Rob Bennett – Wall Street Journal – “The Short Life of ‘The Scottsboro Boys'”

3rd Place – Joe McNally – Independent – “The 21st Century Grid”

HM – Rob Bennett – Wall Street Journal – “Wherever I Go, There You Are”

HM – Allison Sarah Joyce – Independent – “Life and Death in the Sundarbans”

EA – Bryan Derballa – Wall Street Journal – “Bodies in Urban Spaces”


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1st Place – David Goldman – Freelance – “Snowpire State Building “

2nd Place – Stan Honda – Agence France-Presse – “Team shadows”

3rd Place – John Karsten Moran – Riverdale Press – “Bridge, Blizzard and Lighthouse”

HM – Bryan Derballa – Wall Street Journal – “Diving into a Dream”

HM – Jennifer S. Altman – Independent – “Go With The Flow”

EA – Shannon Stapleton – Reuters – “Walking the Catwalk”

EA – Craig Warga – Daily News – “Fighters”


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1st Place – Allison Sarah Joyce – Independent – “Jharia Burning 3”

2nd Place – David Goldman – Independent – “Graceful Loss”

3rd Place – Chad Rachman – New York Post – “Cuomo”

HM – Aristide Economopoulos – The Star-Ledger – “Sick with TB”

HM – Ron Antonelli – Daily News – “Cindy Lauper”

EA – Alejandra Villa – Newsday – “Untitled”

EA – Aristide Economopoulos – The Star-Ledger – “Preppy Drunk”


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1st Place – Rob Bennett – Wall Street Journal – “It’s Raining…”

2nd Place – Craig Ruttle – “French Bulldog”

3rd Place – Stan Honda – Agence France -Presse – “Heron on water”

HM – Ron Antonelli – Daily News – “Dragon Fly”

HM – Enid Alvarez – Daily News – “Wedding Elephant”

EA – Debbie Egan-Chin – Daily News – “Pups in Boots”

EA – David Handschuh – Daily News – “Bar Cat”


Sponsored by NIKON, Inc.

1st Place – Paul Bereswill – New York Post – “Extra Effort”

2nd Place – Tony Kurdzuk – The Star-Ledger – “Bopped Batter”

3rd Place – Julie Jacobson – Associated Press – “In the Net”

HM – Bob Deutsch – USA Today – “Sack and Fumble”

HM – Tony Kurdzuk – The Star-Ledger – “Passing Puck”

EA – Chang W. Lee – The New York Times – “3 to 1”

EA – Paul Bereswill – Associated Press – “Boarding”

EA – Paul Bereswill – New York Post – “Nice Catch”

EA – Stan Honda – Agence France-Presse – “Venus returns”

EA – Robert Sabo – Daily News – “Defying Gravity”

EA – William Perlman – The Star-Ledger – “Out by a foot but called safe”

EA – All Bello – Getty Images – “Punch Out”


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1st Place – James Keivom – Daily News – “Knockout”

2nd Place – Mike Seger – Reuters – “Reflection of a Champion”

3rd Place – William Perlman – The Star-Ledger – “Sidelined by Rain”

HM – All Bello – Getty Images – “Beat Up”

HM – Charles Wenzelberg – New York Post – “The Yankee Tradition”

EA – Chang W. Lee – The New York Times – “Yes, We Did It!”

EA – Noah K. Murray – The Star-Ledger – “Close Call”

EA – William Perlman – The Star-Ledger – “I finally have my ring”

EA – Robert Sabo – Daily News – “Celebration”

EA – Richard Perry – The New York Times – “LeBron Chat”

EA – Chris McGrath – Getty Images – “Pinstripe Party”


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1st Place – Aristide Economopoulos – The Star-Ledger – “Tough Mudder”

2nd Place – Aristide Economopoulos – The Star-Ledger – “Demo Derby”

3rd Place – Craig Warga – Daily News – “A Pastime Returns”

HM – Ray Stubblebine – Reuters – “600th Career Home Run”

HM – Aristide Economopoulos – The Star-Ledger – “The Hunt”


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1st Place – Aristide Economopoulos – The Star-Ledger – “American Color”

2nd Place – Joy Keh – Daily News – “I Skate NY”

3rd Place – Aristide Economopoulos – The Star-Ledger – “Evening Prayer”

HM – Richard Perry – The New York Times – “Miracle Revisited”

HM – Ron Antonelli – Daily News – “Hot Head Fireman Ed”

EA – Jefferson Siegel – Independent – “Headless Man in Topless Park”

EA – Aristide Economopoulos – The Star-Ledger – “Waiting for a Show”

EA – John A. Angellilo – UPI – “Times Square Kiss”

EA – Anthony DelMundo – Daily News – “Did You Hear What Happened?”


Sponsored by IMAGENOMIC

1st Place – Pat Carroll – Daily News – “X-Ray Vision”

2nd – David Handschuh – Daily News – “Absinthe”

3rd – Pat Carroll – Daily News – “Making A Splash”

HM – Chang W. Lee – The New York Times – “Into the Brain”

HM – Tania Savayan – The Journal News – “Prevention is power in the fight against breast cancer”


Sponsored by European PressPhoto Agency

1st Place – Matt McDermott – Independent – “Kiki’s Rescue”

2nd Place – Shannon Stapleton – Reuters – “Waiting for Food”

3rd Place – Michael Appleton – Independent – “Day of Desperation”

HM – Shannon Stapleton – Reuters – “Brutal Justice”

HM – Mike Segar – Reuters – “Protest Leap”

EA – Michael Appleton – Independent – “Earthquake’s Toll”

EA – Richard Perry – The New York Times – “Gulf Spill”

EA – Julie Jacobson – Associated Press – “Miraculous”



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1st Place – Julia Xanthos – Daily News

Into the ring with Golden Gloves champ

Judges’ comments: nice story — good start brought me into the piece — I really like how we have gone home with the fighter — nice piece — good moments good visuals — it looks like the photog put a lot of heart and soul into this piece.

2nd Place – Nyier Abdou – The Star-Ledger

Trees from Millstone nursery bring life to Ground Zero site

Judges’ comments:wow a real story — the voice is so nice. — some surprise, a premise — gosh this is good. that guy is so attached to his trees, though too long.

3rd Place – Nyier Abdou – The Star-Ledger

At Newark homeless shelter, one woman’s love is boundless

Judges’ comments: nice voicing nice audio moments — good video moments — feels like NPR piece good central character. good emotion.

HM – Julia Xanthos – Daily News

John Lennon’s Death

Judges’ comments: history of lennon’s death — definitely a take on Lennon’s death that we have never seen or heard — very interesting — almost like a tour but more . . .

HM – Andre Malok – The Star-Ledger

An endangered bird species is nesting on top of Atlantic City casino hotel

Judges’ comments: We like the storylline very informative

HM – Joel Cairo – Independent

Traveling Vietnam Memorial on Long Island

Judges’ comments: good seeing – nice visuals — good interviewing — i think this guy with some better “writing” with the story he’d be making some good stories.


Sponsored by J-ROD & J-CUBE Accessory Mounts

1st Place – Andre Malok – The Star-Ledger

The Wreck of The Lady Mary

Judges’ comments: Great use of Motion Graphics — very informative. Good job on all fronts.

2nd Place – Nyier Abdou – The Star-Ledger

Military families cope with traumatic brain injury at West Orange hospital

Judges’ comments: WOW the emotion

3rd Place – Andre Malok – The Star-Ledger

New Jerseyans Participate in Tough Mudder obstacle Course

Judges’ comments: Mud piece — good opening fun — definitely too long though.

Multimedia & Still Photography Judges

Multimedia judging by Seth Gitner and Bruce Strong of Syracuse University.


Jonathan Newton MaryAnne Golon William Snyder

Jonathan Newton MaryAnne Golon William Snyder

Jonathan Newton is entering his 25th season as a professional photographer.  He joined the staff of The Washington Post in summer 2000. He started out at the Nashville Banner in 1986 fresh out of Western Kentucky University. After a little more than a year at the Banner, he moved to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where he spent 10 years shooting assignments that included the Atlanta Braves. He joined the St. Petersburg Times in 1998 when the town landed an expansion baseball team. 

A Louisville native and the youngest of eight children, Newton worked many jobs after high school, including apple picker in Canada, kitchen cleaner at the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park, aluminum siding installer, liquor store clerk, pot washer at a Jewish deli, fish fryer, house painter and busboy. It was as a student at Jefferson Community College that he got his first taste of newspapers, shooting pictures for the weekly student publication. With $300 saved from his busboy job, he went to a downtown Louisville pawnshop and bought his first professional camera equipment. 

Newton has covered almost every major sporting event in the world: the Olympics in 1996 and 2008; the Kirkwall Ba in Scotland, in 2007; four World Series; six National League Championships; six NCAA Final Fours; the Kentucky Derby; the Preakness; several heavyweight title bouts in Las Vegas; college football championships; the Super Bowl; and countless high school sporting events. 

Newton’s awards include the Morris Berman NPPA Citation; White House News Photographers Association awards; Baseball Hall of Fame photo contest; first place in the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors sports competition; and three-time Georgia Photographer of the Year.

He lives in Maryland.

MaryAnne Golon is an independent photography editor and professional media consultant.  She is currently the consulting Director of Photography and Multimedia for AARP in Washington, DC.  She is a key member of the core team who developed the visual “look and feel” of the largest U.S. association’s completely redesigned website.

Golon was Time magazine’s director of photography through 2008 and co-managed the international newsweekly’s photography department for +15 years. While there, Golon led the photo team that produced the Hurricane Katrina special edition and the September 11, 2001 special black-bordered edition that each won coveted National Magazine Awards for single-issue topics. Golon received numerous individual and team picture editing awards from the POYi (Pictures of the Year International) and NPPA’s (National Press Photographer’s Association) Best of Photography competitions.  Communication Arts, Society of Publication Designers, and American Photography recognize her work. She was twice selected for American Photo magazine’s list of the 100 most important people in photography (#10 and #8).

Golon was the on-site photography editor for Time and Life magazines during Gulf War I in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. She was directly involved in the production of scores of award-winning Time covers and special editions. She coordinated Time’s photo coverage of the Olympic Games for more than a decade.

William Snyder, Four-time Pulitzer Prize winning photographer and editor William Snyder teaches Photojournalism at the Rochester Institute of Technology – his alma mater – after working at The Dallas Morning News for 25 years.

As Director of Photography, he guided the photography staff to the 2006 Pulitzer Prize in Breaking News for their coverage and produced “Eyes of The Storm”, 256-page book published by Taylor Trade featuring DMN photo staff’s work from hurricanes Katrina and Rita which has sold 15,000 copies.

In the 17 years he was a staff photographer, he covered many diverse assignments, including the first democratic elections in Haiti and Romania, the ’91 coup attempt in the Soviet Union, hunger in Dallas, MLK streets across the US, AIDS orphans in Romania, AIDS in Uganda and Thailand, illegal immigration in Russia and the Czech Republic, and various professional and collegiate sporting events. During that time he won three Pulitzer Prizes.

He began shooting photographs for The Gleaner in his hometown of Henderson, KY at the age of 14. He rode his bicycle to his assignments or his mother drove him.

In 1994-1995 he was the Dan Burke Fellow for the University of Michigan’s Professional Journalism Fellowship program where he studied African-American history and Eastern European/Russian History.

He has lectured in Romania, the Czech Republic, and numerous universities and professional symposiums across the US.

His freelance clients include Time, Life, Sports Illustrated, Computer Reseller, Allstate Insurance Co., New York Times Sunday Magazine, Pinnacle Sports Cards and the rock group, The Who.

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