2009 Year in Pictures

2009 Year in Pictures (2010 Contest)

Results of the 75th Annual Photography & Multimedia Contest, 2009 Year in Pictures and Multimedia Contest, judged in 2010. The Best in Show and Portfolio will be announced at the NYPPA Gallery opening in May. These photos will appear in the NYPPA 2010 Annual | Multimedia results | Meet the Judges 



Hiroko Masuike – Freelance – Bernard Madoff


David Goldman – Freelance Associated Press


Sponsored by DAILY NEWS

1st – Rob Bennett – Freelance – Two Alarms on Jerome

2nd – Marc A. Hermann – Daily News Freelance – Devil Comes Out to Play

3rd – Michael Appleton – Freelance – Waterlogged

HM – Aristide Economopoulos – Star Ledger – Crying for Amar

HM – Brendan McDermid – Reuters – Hudson Landing

EA – Aristide Economopoulos – Star Ledger – Comfort

EA – Todd Maisel – Daily News – Unscheduled Stop

EA – John Roca – Daily News – Life on a Ledge

EA – Craig Warga – Daily News – Untitled

EA – Gary Hershorn – Reuters – Miracle Landing



1st – Hiroko Masuike – Freelance – Bernard Madoff

2nd – Debbie Egan-Chin – Daily News – You Took My Heart

3rd – Shannon Stapleton – Reuters – Unemployment Lines

HM – Michael Appleton – Freelance – The Day After

HM – Anthony DelMundo – Freelance Daily News – Mother’s Grief

EA – Todd Maisel – Daily News – My Son is Gone

EA – Debbie Egan-Chin – Daily News – Killed by a DWI Cop

EA – Gary Hershorn – Reuters – Give Me the Mic


Sponsored by TIFFEN-DOMKE

1st – David Goldman – Freelance Associated Press – Band of Brothers

2nd – Chang W. Lee – The New York Times – Chabad

3rd – Robert Sabo – Daily News – St. Patrick’s Day Parade

HM – David Handschuh – Daily News – 9.11 Eight Years Later

HM – Alejandra Villa – Newsday – Barack Obama’s Inauguration Ceremonies

EA – Mike Segar – Reuters – Kennedy’s Final Journey


Sponsored by THE STAR-LEDGER

1st – David Handschuh – Daily News – Midnight Texting

2nd – David Goldman – Freelance Associated Press – Haircut Under the Stars

3rd – David Goldman – Freelance – Battlefield Bathroom

HM – Todd Maisel – Daily News – White Wedding Fun

HM – Chad Rachman – New York Post – Flags In

EA – Chang W. Lee – The New York Times – Chabad

EA – Justin Lane – EPA – Cleaning the Statue


Sponsored by SIGMA

1st – David Goldman – Freelance – Kabul Pollution

2nd – Aristide Economopoulos – Star Ledger – Homeless Tent City

3rd – David Goldman – Freelance Associated Press – Last Jew in Afghanistan

HM – Julie Jacobson – Associated Press – Village of Addicts

HM – Yana Paskova – Freelance – Kushti Wrestling


Sponsored by DANE-ELEC

1st – David Goldman – Associated Press – Shadowy Figures and Glowing Stars

2nd – David Handschuh – Daily News – Icy Descent

3rd – Chang W. Lee – The New York Times – Chabad

HM – Aristide Economopoulos – Star Ledger – Broadway

HM – Noah K. Murray – Star Ledger – Ominous Clouds

EA – Shannon Stapleton – Reuters – Backstage

EA – Julie Jacobson – Associated Press – Desert Storm

EA – Julie Jacobson – Associated Press – Midnight Blue

EA – Andrew Theodorakis – Daily News – Sunset of Lady Liberty

EA – Debbie Egan-Chin – Daily News – Rainbow



1st – Aristide Economopoulos – Star Ledger – Norman

2nd – Julie Jacobson – Associated Press – Opium Addicts

3rd – Robert Sabo – Daily News – A-Rod

HM – Aristide Economopoulos – Star Ledger – I’M AN ADDICT & ALCOHOLIC

HM – Talisman Brolin – Freelance – Ken Parker

EA – Jacob Silberberg – Panos Pictures – Night Watchman

EA – Linda Rosier – Daily News – Deanna and Max



1st – Tony Kurdzuk – Star Ledger – Hungry Hungry Deer

2nd – Charles Wenzelberg – New York Post – Challenger’s Revenge

3rd – Ron Antonelli – Daily News – Untitled

HM – Robert Sabo – Daily News – Cliff

HM – Julia Xanthos – Daily News – Gorilla Glass

EA – Robert Sabo – Daily News – Mantis

EA – Rob Bennett – Freelance – The Portrait of Yogi


Sponsored by NIKON, Inc.

1st – Al Bello, Getty Images – Backstroke Heats

2nd – Bill Kostroun – Glove Save

3rd – Noah K. Murray – Star Ledger – Focused

HM – Ray Stubblebine – Reuters – Goin’ Batty

HM – Robert Sabo – Daily News – OUCH!

EA – Al Bello – Getty Images – Home Plate Collision

EA – Tony Kurdzuk – Star Ledger – Broken Pass

EA – William Perlman – Star Ledger – Leap of Angel

EA – Robert Deutsch – USA Today – Just Missed

EA – Ray Stubblebine, Reuters – Along for the Ride

EA – William Perlman – Star Ledger – Caught from Behind


Sponsored by GETTY IMAGES

1st – Noah Murray – Star Ledger – Winners Again

2nd – William Perlman – Star Ledger – Dancing Yankees

3rd – John Angelillo – UPI – Mouth Fault

HM – Tony Kurdzuk – Star Ledger – Touchdown Reaction

HM – Shannon Stapleton – Reuters – Bloody Boxer

EA – Ron Antonelli – Daily News – Rainbow Citi

EA – Anthony Causi – Freelance New York Post – To the Victor Goes the Foamy Spoils

EA – Aristide Economopoulos – Star Ledger – Exhausted

EA – John Munson – Star Ledger – Water Polo Champs

EA – Paul Bereswill – Freelance – Fordham at St. Johns

EA – Thomas Ferarra – Newsday – Streaker

EA – Chris Faytok – Star Ledger – Shower


Sponsored by ADORAMA

1st – Ron Antonelli – Daily News – US Open Views

2nd – Bryan Smith – Freelance Daily News – Rachel’s Summer At Saratoga

3rd – Ron Antonelli – Daily News – Yankees Spring Training

HM – Charles Wenzelberg – A Year in the Life of A-Rod

HM – John Munson – Star Ledger – Yanks Win


Sponsored by THINK TANK

1st – John Munson – Star Ledger – Liberty Makeup

2nd – Mike Segar – Reuters – Where is That Music Coming From

3rd – Tania Savayan – Journal News – Rockette in Transit

HM – Robert Sabo – Daily News – Flushing Faces

HM – Jeremy Bales – Freelance – Fifth Avenue Bicycling

EA – Michael Appleton – Freelance – Swinging Memorial

EA – Todd Maisel – Daily News – Claus in a Blizzard

EA – Chad Rachman – New York Post – Sunblock


Sponsored by IMAGENOMIC

1st – Saed Hindash – Star Ledger – Fatal Trespassing

2nd – Patrick Carroll – Daily News, retired – Smoke Princess

3rd – David Handschuh – Daily News – Blue Drink

HM – Jeremy Bales – Freelance – The Baldwins

HM – Saed Hindash & Andre Malok – Star Ledger – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

EA – Saed Hindash & Andre Malok – Star Ledger – Fall Season

EA – Joy Keh – Freelance Daily News – $45, 000,000 View



1st – David Goldman – Associated Press – Wounded Comrade

2nd – Anthony DelMundo – Freelance Daily News – Lights to Remember

3rd – David Goldman – Associated Press – Brothers in Arms

HM – John Angielillo – UPI – The First Walk

HM – Jacob Silberberg – Panos Pictures – I Beg

EA – Mike Segar – Reuters – It’s Your Problem Now



2009 Multimedia Winners (2010 Contest)

Sponsored by SB DESIGN

FIRST PLACE – The Star-Ledger – John O’Boyle

CHAIN OF LIFE – This was a powerful multimedia project. Connecting the lives of that many people and a larger national issue is a major undertaking. There were some touching and inspiring moments and the story managed to lay out the ethical quandaries in a thought-provoking way from the start. The Iyanna McDuffie and Thomas, the altruistic donor, segments were particularly strong. A few complaints: the generic, dramatic music detracted from the story and the project was too long to be presented as a single online video. Would have made sense to give the viewer the option to click on 6 3-minute stories individually. The graphic used to show the connections between these people was very effective. It could have been used as a template from which to click on each chapter. There were many strong images in the piece, but yet the promo image on the Web site is grainy and boring. Nonetheless, the fact that an 20-minute online video could sustain interest for that long is a testament to the power of the project.

SECOND PLACE – AP – Julie Jacobson

OPIUM ADDICTION– Beautifully shot. I appreciated how Julie played with stills and video, trying out creative camera angles. Brought a remote place to life in an eerily accessible way, demonstrating an impressive level of access to her subjects. When the man confessed he’d stolen from the child and the mother blows smoke in her daughter’s face, the viewer is left with chills. Nice use of natural sound, that said there are some problems with the audio levels inside the woman’s home. The black borders on the still photos are distracting — should consider cropping in on those so that that transition from video to photos isn’t so jarring.


SEX CHANGE – Effectively grabs the viewer from the first line. “I wish with all my heart I had been born a biological female.” A powerful story with some strong images. Appreciate the time Chang took to get to know his subject, in her kitchen, her bathroom etc. Like that explored using stills and video together, but there is some really awkward video editing — why does the story jump, for example, from her blowing her hair for a couple seconds to another frame of her blowing her hair from the same position? The structure of piece could have used some tweaking to make it more effective. It drags on toward the end. Also, it’s confusing why she suddenly decided to start dressing as a woman now in her 40’s and that’s crucial information to help the viewer care about the story. The ending feels artificially abrupt.


SECOND CHANCE – The concept of this project is excellent and there are some really great images and creative camera work. Problem is the storytelling doesn’t rise to the level of the photos and the video editing doesn’t do justice to the images. If the series is called second chance, the viewer expects to learn about a dramatic change in a person. Need to work on building a more compelling story arc. With the spin instructor, for example, appreciated the creative camera angles — but the story doesn’t hold one’s attention. Stories tend to drag on. Nonetheless, appreciate the variety of people Chang found for this project.

HONORABLE MENTION – NY Daily News – Julia Xanthos

FLAG – Managed to do a great deal with a simple concept. Love the shot of the main character talking while drinking his martini. Engaging and memorable.

OVERALL COMMENTS: Audio and story arc were challenges for many people. There’s no doubt that it’s hard to do everything well — but taking time to just listen to the audio track of one’s story and see if that would engage you is a valuable exercise. Also when in doubt, skip the cheesy music. If you are going to mix stills and video, have a reason for doing it and make sure to crop in on the photos so that the transition isn’t so jarring. Just about everything could have been 15 seconds to one minute shorter. Also, with online video and multimedia, don’t assume that the viewer knows anything beyond what you presented in your piece. Basic information (names, places, etc.) was often missing from the pieces and not even available in the video description. How is the viewer going to care if they don’t know what is going on? Finally, headlines matter in online video. Yes you may have an some great footage and an unexpected plot twist two thirds of the way through your video, but who is going to watch that far if all they see is a video titled “Homeless Teen” or “Parade.” — Judged by Heather Murphy of NPR


Judging for the Multimedia was done by the multimedia staff at NPR in Washington, headed by Heather Murphy.

The photography judges work with over 6000 images and they are: 

Rusty Kennedy John Filo Mary F. Calvert

Rusty Kennedy John Filo Mary F. Calvert

Rusty Kennedy: currently freelancing out of Philadelphia, Rusty was one of the Associated Press’ busiest photographers in a 40-year career covering major sports and news stories around the world. One of the Associated Press’ most celebrated staff photographers, Rusty Kennedy has traveled the world covering major sports and news events including dozens of Super Bowls, World Series and Olympic Games. His work has appeared in many of the best‐known publications including Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, TIME, and The New York Times. 

John Filo: currently a CBS network photographer based in New York, he won the Pulitzer Prize while working for the Valley Daily News of New Kensington, PA. , and he continued his career in photojournalism, at the Associated Press, the Philadelphia Inquirer and as a picture editor at the Baltimore Evening Sun. He eventually rose to a picture editing job at the weekly news magazine Newsweek and was also the Director of Photography for the Camden (NJ) Courier-Post. He has covered numerous World Series and Super Bowls as well as political campaigns and conventions.

Mary F. Calvert: worked at The Washington Times from 1998 until the paper closed its photography department in January. Calvert was awarded 2007 Photojournalist of the Year, Smaller Markets in the National Press Photographer’s Association, Best of Photojournalism contest and was a finalist for the 2007 Pulitzer Prize in Feature Photography. She also won First Prize Portfolio in the White House News Photographer’s Association 2007 Eyes of History competition and in 2008 she won a Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for photos taken during a trip to India on the practice of aborting female fetuses.Calvert has been a member of the faculty for the Department of Defense Worldwide Military Photographers Workshop in Ft. Meade for the last 11 years. Before working at the Times, Calvert spent nine years covering the Bay Area for The Oakland Tribune and The Hayward Daily Review. She is a graduate of San Francisco State University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

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