Contest Rules and WeTransfer info

The 2024 New York Press Photographers Association’s 89th Annual Contest and Exhibition Rules


  • 2024 NYPPA Contest rules: pdf
  • 2024 NYPPA Still & Multimedia entry form: pdf


  • Images, videos or captions that are AI generated cannot be entered in the contest. Additionally, the use of AI-generative tools to create, add, remove, expand or alter images or videos in cannot be entered.
  • FOR the SPOY rules: Entries will consist of a minimum of 10 a maximum of 15 images. The photos shall be representative of the photographer’s versatility to shoot sports action, sports features, and portraits. One picture story containing a minimum of 10 pictures and a maximum of 12 images must also be entered in this category.  A picture story counts as ONE entry. Entries should be placed in a folder labeled SPORTS PORTFOLIO.


  • The judges will select a “Photographer of the Year” based on the best portfolio submissions. Portfolio entries will consist of a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 of an entrant’s submissions. At least one image must be from the 75-mile radius of New York City.
  • At least one, but no more than three picture stories may be included. The judges will consider versatility, but mainly content and quality in selecting a winner—understanding that many of the entrants may be “specialists” in various fields of photojournalism. Each member may enter only one portfolio. Portfolio entries should be separate files from single and picture story entries; just make copies of each file desired and place them in a folder named “Portfolio” with your entry.
  • Multimedia entries are not eligible for this category.


The judges will select a “Sports Photographer of the Year” from portfolios submitted containing only sports pictures. If the committee and the judges feel there is not a proper number of entries, SPOY portfolios will be judged with the POY entries. Entries will consist of a maximum of 15 images that are entered in the categories. The portfolio can contain a picture story if you have one or more stories and if you want to enter a picture story. You will not be penalized either way if you do not enter a picture story or do. Entries should be in a folder labeled SPORTS PORTFOLIO. The same rules as for POY apply. Entrants may choose to enter two portfolios, one in POY and one in SPOY, but each must be different in content from the other.


All entries must have been taken between January 1 and December 31, 2023, exclusively by members of the New York Press Photographers Association, Inc. All entries must be submitted to the WeTRANSFER by February  10, 2024 at 12:01 am. All completed entry forms and a check made out to New York Press Photographers Association, Inc. for entry fees and dues owed must be submitted by that deadline via mail or WeTransfer.


Entry fees have been lowered this year, but all past dues and the 2024 dues ($85 for Regular & Associate Members or $40 for Life Members) must be paid. There is a flat entry fee of $20 for the first 20 entries or less. Additional entries above 20 will be $2 per entry. There is a single $10 fee for entering the Portfolio competition. There will be no refunds for disqualified entries.


Use PayPal button to pay your fees for the NYPPA Contest. Pay each type of entries. There is a dropdown with different prices. If you have up to 20 entries use the 1st dropdown. If you have 21 and above entries use the 2nd dropdown. If you have more entries use the other drop-downs in addition to the 1st one and if you enter a portfolio use the Portfolio dropdown in addition. Thank you.

Also you can pay your NYPPA Dues as well using the PayPal button on the right. Also you can pay dues with ZELLE to

The 2024 dues ($85 for Regular & Associate Members or $40 for Life Members) must be paid as well as all past dues.

Membership Dues & Fee

Official Contest Images will be sent via WeTransfer

All Entries this year will be uploaded to WeTransfer using this link.